Hockey WC. TOP Division. Season 12.

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Group 2

Poland Poland
Brazil Brazil
Latvia Latvia
Slovenia Slovenia


Manager name: Beeblebrox (first season at the post), Assistant: UK13

Ranking of countries: 11th place (3410)

Hockey teams: 420

Team strength: 250 (15th place)

Average overall rating: 1 450.4

Average age: 23.3

Best player: Tim Goličič (24 year, CL 3/6)

History: Constant participant of TOP Division. Nevertheless the team has a hard time in the top division. Two times Slovenia managed to get into top eight: sixth place in the fourth season and the eighth in the last season.

Prognosis: It will be difficult to repeat the best achievement for the team. The result will show whether the work made by coach was successful or not. Anyway, Slovenia is likely to stay among the strongest teams.

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