Hockey WC. TOP Division. Season 12.

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Польша Poland 2:1 Сербия Serbia

Serbia was the favorit of the match and they, no surprise, played offensive hockey. Poland played chose defensive tactics. Half of the match passed when Serbia scored. Poland evened the score in the next attack after the Serbian goal. Serbia was discouraged and tried to score once again as soon as possible and that led to many fauls. Poland used one of the chances. There were no goals after that in the match and Poland won.

Литва Lithuania 2:4 Финляндия Finland

The match was quite interesting. Active offensive Lithuanian hockey was stopped by good defensive Finnish play. In fact, Finland was more organised and led 3:0 by the 6th minute of the second period (by the way the first goal created by Christoffer Kontiokorpi is the fastest on this Championship - 59th second of the match). Lithuania scored for the first time after 20 seconds and by the middle of the third period they were losing by one goal... Raimo Marjanen destroyes all Lithuanian chances scoring the 4th Finnish goal.

Serbia and Lithuania didn't have medals for a long time. They can brake this tradition winning the match for the 3rd place. The World Champion of the 12th season will be known after the Poland - Finland match. Neither of them has become a World Champion yet.


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