Hockey WC. TOP Division. Season 12.

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Group 4

Russia Russia
Lithuania Lithuania
Sweden Sweden
Czech Republic Czech Republic


Manager name: Admire  (first season at the post), Assistant: WhiteyNickey

Ranking of countries: 5th place (3655)

Hockey teams: 947

Team strength: 256 (12th place)

Average overall rating: 1 523.6

Average age: 23.6

Best player: Dmitriy ""DiDo"" Dolmatov (25 year, CL 3/6)

History: Constant participant of the TOP Division. The team does not fall below the ninth place, only twice without getting into the zone playoffs. Russians won the best places in the first season (silver) and two seasons ago, when the team became the world champion.

Prognosis: The team must get to the playoffs. After that, everything will depend on the opponents' strenghth and, mainly, the team's perfomance.

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