Hockey WC. TOP Division. Season 12.

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Rules quiz

For this purpose the Organizing committee is glad to offer all fans to take part in the competition quiz, the devoted favourite game. The quiz consists of 7 rounds on 5 questions every day.

Each day (from 16.12 to 22.12) at 19:00 CET there will be new quiz questions. (Two hours before the start game national team)

Participants answered correctly more questions (the shortest time) will be rewarded with prizes:

1 place – 50 credits

2 place – 30 credits

3 place – 20 credits

4 place – 15 credits

5 place – 10 credits

Also one of fans who wins an intermediate round (every day) receives 5 credits.

It's necessary to answer the questions for certain time, to avoid fraud. In case of identical quantity of the right answers at several fans, the winner will be determined by time which was spent for answers.

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