Hockey WC. TOP Division. Season 12.

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Словакия Slovakia 1:2 Польша Poland

Both teams were willing to win and they showed it beginning from the first deconds. There was attack after attack but nobody scored in the first period. General manager of the Slovak team decided to use three lines, Poland played three lines from the first seconds of the match. It seemed Slovakia, having more skillful players, would score soon. But surprisingly Poland scored on the 37th second of the second period. Slovakia didn't give up and evened the score. But Poland waqs unstoppable. Two minutes more and Poland is leading once again.  Wrzesław Baran scored and it was the ticket to semifinal for Poland. The last season World Champions did more shoots: 17:7 (2nd period) and 13:6 (3rd period). But the first star of the match, the Polish goalkeeper Dobrogost Bańkowski,did his best.

Латвия Latvia 2:3 Литва Lithuania

Lithuania led 3:0 before the 5th minute of the third period. Latvia didn't want to give up and scored twice within 7 minutes. But even 55 shots didn't help them to win. Renius Lionas showed what is a great goalie's job. The match has much in common with the first one. The favorite of the match lost, both teams decided to use active forechecking tactics and played three lines.

Чехия Czech Republic 1:2 Финляндия Finland

This time the teams' strength was pretty much equal. Czech Republic tried to play counterattacks but Finland also wanted mainly defend. That's why the teams didn't score much. Finland scored in the first minutes of the match, Visa Vainikainen doubled the score in the third period, Czech Republic made the score 2:1 threee and a half minutes before the end of the third period but couldn't even the score.

Сербия Serbia 4:3 Швеция Sweden

The only match of the four that was predictable. Serbia had a stronger line-up and besides played three lines. Sweden played four lines and lost the first period 1:2. After that Sweden decided to decrease number of lines and made the motivation higher. The final of it was a very close play. Both teams scored twice in the second period and didn't manage to score in the last one.

Teams that season ago played in the final left the Championship together with Czech Republic and Sweden. The semifinal s will be the next:

Польша Poland : Сербия Serbia

Литва Lithuania : Финляндия Finland


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