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Ice hockey is the most popular sport in the Republic of Belarus. The distinguished traditions of the Soviet school of ice hockey have been handed down from generation to generation and, together with significant innovations, are now successfully applied on the Belarusian ice.

Belarus is a relatively new hockey nation. 12 season of dynamic development showed that Belarus has ability to advance to the top division and stay there. The most outstanding achievement of the national team - silver medals of the World Cup in the eighth season. More and more young talented players from Belarus go abroad for performance in the strongest hockey leagues.

The Powerplay Manager World Championship is very necessary for Belarusians. This event will raise the Belarusian hockey on new level. Our devoted fans, including boys and girls who love sports, are eager to see their idols with their own eyes to admire, learn, adopt the best traditions and lay a foundation for future victories.

Geographically, Belarus is situated in the heart of Europe in proximity to the countless hockey fans from nations including Russia, Latvia, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We represent four ice arenas which will allow to carry out the championship at high level and meet the highest standards of modern arenas:

1. Soligorsk Arena – the city of Soligorsk

2. ICE PALACE – the city of Brest

3. Novipol Arena – the city of Novopolotsk

4. Metallurg Arena – the city of Gomel

Specially for the World Championship special painting of ice surface is prepared, it will allow to feel the unique atmosphere of a holiday of hockey.


Infrastructure of ice arenas:

Ice arenas

Soligorsk Arena


Novipol Arena

Metallurg Arena

Year of construction






19 000

16 000

15 200

11 400

VIP Lounge





Media area















Shop for fans






The most known symbol of Belarus — the Belarusian bison. The prehistoric animal included in the Red book, lives in Belarus (about 850 animals) in the Belovezhskaya dense forest. This wood lasts almost on 70 kilometers from the North to the south. For this reason, the bison who shows respect for traditions and love to heritage of the country in community of PPM of Belarus was chosen as an official symbol of Ice Hockey World Championship.

So, meet – Zubronak

PPM Ice World Championsip motto – «Sports should unite people! Even the virtual! Together - to new victories!!!»

The official site of the World Cup in PPM hockey already works. It is never too early to start attracting spectators.

As soon as games come to an end, the Organizing committee will create all conditions for fine environment for fans to feel an integral part of big game.

For this purpose the Organizing committee is glad to offer all fans to take part in the competition quiz, which is devoted to our favourite game. The quiz includes 7 rounds of 5 questions for every day of the World Cup. The organizing committee is glad to report you about prizes for winners of the quiz:

1 place – 50 credits

2 place – 30 credits

3 place – 20 credits

4 place – 15 credits

5 place – 10 credits

Also one of fans who wins an intermediate round (every day) receives 5 credits.

It's necessary to answer the questions for certain time, to avoid fraud. In case of identical quantity of the right answers from several fans, the winner will be determined according to the time spent for answers.

With great pleasure we introduce the organizing committee of future World Championship to you:

- Manager Omen, in real life - Igor, lives in the city of Soligorsk (Belarus), 36 years. Owner of one of the strongest hockey clubs of Belarus. The trainer of the main Belarusian hockey national team. Plays PPM from the date of launching of hockey.

- Manager Cerber88, in real life - Yury, lives in the city of Minsk (Belarus), 24 years. Trainer of Belarusian U18 hockey national team. On the project he carries out functions of the assistant. Plays PPM from the date of launching of hockey.

- Manager alekseyzaitsev, in real life - Alexey, lives in the city of Ryazan (Russia). On the project he is the editor-in-chief of the PPM Magazine in Russia. Plays PPM from the date of launching of hockey.

- Manager biatlon2000, in real life - Sergey, lives in the city of Moscow (Russia), 38 years. He plays PPM since 2011.

Special thanks from the Organizing Committee goes to the managers GrodnoDragons and AliaksandrH, who will be involved in illumination of the World Championship on the official site.

The Belarusian ice hockey will benefit from the PPM Ice Hockey World Championship in various important ways. It will help to strengthen yet further the position of ice hockey in our society PPM. No other event in Belarus would be able to create more interest, attract and inspire more fans of Powerplay Manager.


This is our chance and we will do everything to organize the best possible World Championship!


Belarus looks forward to welcome the hockey world!


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27.11.12 23:55:01
Great candidature.... Nice web, mascot, presentation and logo too... It will be very hard, Slovakia or Belarus? :) I created Slovak candidature, but I think Belarus win... :)
30.11.12 19:49:40
Thanks. You too carried out a lot of work.:)
13.12.12 20:48:57
Good start, great job!!!

Nice to see some people involved in this :D
15.12.12 15:16:53
?? tipp?
18.12.12 06:39:15
красавчики))))) достойно нашу страну представляете!!!!
25.12.12 10:31:15
А когда подведут результаты Викторины?
25.12.12 20:26:50
Ну сами итоги можно увидеть на странице результатов. А призовые перешлем в ближайшие пару дней.
26.12.12 06:12:12
Ура я 4))) Просто - тоже красиво оформили - сайт прикольный получился
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