Hockey WC. TOP Division. Season 12.

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Group 2

Poland Poland
Brazil Brazil
Latvia Latvia
Slovenia Slovenia


Manager name: ZenekKonevka  (fifth season at the post), no assistant.

Ranking of countries: 8th place (3615)

Hockey teams: 1 399

Team strength: 269 (7th place)

Average overall rating: 1 518.4

Average age: 23.8

Best player: Sławomir Smętek (23 year, CL 3/6)

History: The first World Championship was a failure - the team was relegated from the top division. It took them two seasons to return.  The ninth and the tenth seasons were the best for the team - Poland finished fifth and fourth. Last season the team stopped at the qualifying round.

Prognosis: Group 2 is the most difficult of the season. The main games will be matches against the national team of Brazil and Slovenia. We'll see if the team is prepared to fight for the play-offs.

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