Hockey WC. TOP Division. Season 12.

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Group 4

Russia Russia
Lithuania Lithuania
Sweden Sweden
Czech Republic Czech Republic


Manager name: ACHUJIENAS (seventh season at the post), no assistant.

Ranking of countries: 14th place (3145)

Hockey teams: 169

Team strength: 258 (11th place)

Average overall rating: 1 534.2

Average age: 23.4

Best player: Paulis "PREDATOR" Žabolis (23 year, CL 4/6)

History: After the first two seasons in the first division, Lithuania is now fighting among top teams. Head coach came to the post in the sixth season, he has won two silver medals. After that Lithuania is no longer able to get into the playoffs.

Prognosis: Team's performance in recent seasons brings worse results from time to time. The most important game is the one against Sweden. Anyway, the team should stay in the TOP division.

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