Hockey WC. TOP Division. Season 12.

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Group 2

Poland Poland
Brazil Brazil
Latvia Latvia
Slovenia Slovenia


Manager name: asersjd (second season at the post), Assistant: Templier

Ranking of countries: 2th place (4030)

Hockey teams: 1 454

Team strength: 292 (2th place)

Average overall rating: 1 577.5

Average age: 23.7

Best player: Krišjānis Vaseris (25 year, CL 4/6)

History: Latvia 7 times (out of nine) was one of the three World Championships winners. This is the most titled team. The national team was awarded by all medals: bronze in the 4th, 5th and 7th seasons, last season's silver and gold in 3rd, 8th and 10th. Current coach earned a bronze medal in the fifth season.

Prognosis: Team should have no problem to get into the playoffs. Strong line-up gives ground to claim for the medals this season. The hard final stage struggle will show what kind of medals Latvia deserves.

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