Hockey WC. TOP Division. Season 12.

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Game for the third place:

Сербия Serbia 2:7 Литва Lithuania

A non-expected final score. Lithuania gave no chances for Serbia to win. 
After four World Championships that were not very successful for Lithuania, they finally could get Bronze medals.


Польша Poland 1:3 Финляндия Finland

Gold medal match was much tougher. Team strength was quite equal, but Finland was fresher as they could save a bit more power while playing the tournament. So Finland played active checking tactics. The beginning of the match showed that Poland didn't want to let Finland become World Champions. One minute and 37 seconds passed and Chrystian Mitura makes the score 1:0. Finland thought how to answer almost a period and Christoffer Kontiokorpi did it. The second period was the hardest. There were 5 two-minute penalties 4 of them got Finnish players. But Poland couldn't use the opportunities even once playing 5 against 3. And Finland even scored once playing short-handed.

Jarkko Haviala made the score 2:1 and Finland started to lead. Poland in the third period put the pressure towards Finland, made more shoots than the opponents - 11:10. Ari Ojama scored for the third time for Finland in this match and they got the first place. Poland tried to do their best but goalkeeper Jalo Näränen did all possible and impossible to get gold medal.


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