Hockey WC. TOP Division. Season 12.

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Czech Republic


Group 4

Россия Russia
Литва Lithuania
Швеция Sweden
Чехия Czech Republic


Manager name: Trosman (first time at the post), Assistant: DaRog

Ranking of countries: 4 place (3670)

Hockey teams : 6 218

Team strength: 290 (3rd place)

Average overall rating1 605.2

Average age23.6

Best playerRoman "Cervenka" Hrdina (23 years, CL 4/6)

History: Czech Republic is permanent participant of the TOP-division. On a par with Latvia the team is three time world champion (4, 5, 7 seasons). Noteworthy, all of the team's medals are gold. But the last two seasons are not successful for the country.

Prognosis: It doesn't seem easy, but the Czech Rebulic's team should pass the preliminary stage. The last two seasons they didn't get to play-off, but there's a good chance to overcome psychological problems and show their strength.

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